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Roofing Services

A pitched roof is classic. It’s a structure that lasts, adds character to your home and brings with it some great benefits to the insulation and weather-proofing elements of your build. Pitched roofs can be constructed in minimal time, and require no extra treatment for weather resistance or proofing With the right maintenance a roof can enjoy a longevity well beyond its guarantee. 


Annual inspections and regular cleaning not only allow the roofs inbuilt systems of protection to work to their fullest, the also allow for any problems to be spotted and overcome quickly and easily - especially if caught early enough. operatives, as trained roofing engineers, are able to do far more than simply cleaning your roof, and with experience upwards of 25 years our operatives have a keen eye for areas which seem to be developing problems.


This can mean the difference between repairing a tear in the waterproof membrane before damp has become a problem, and searching for the cause of a leak in the building.


Our services include: 


Roofing Maintenance 

Annual Inspections


Not only do we provide annual inspections, we also inspect any roof or gutter area upon request. These inspections are normally non-intrusive and, dependant on roof size and condition, can be done during a short visit to the site..


Alternatively, inspections can be carried out during a cleaning of the roof and/or gutters


Debris Removal


Including sweeping and cleaning of roofs and the removal of any debris safely and securely off site to be disposed of in an adequate manner.


Gutter Cleaning 


Roof Improvements UK are careful to ensure that no debris enters the down pipes of the gutters and takes precautions to unsure that any gutter lining in place remains undamaged. We are also happy to provided a Gutter Cleaning and Repair service, where by the gutter is cleaned and repaired where necessary all in one.


Repair and Refurbishment


Available separately or as part of an inspection/cleaning, Roof Improvements UK are happy to repair or refurbish any problems that may be apparent and always provide our clients with options of repair, replace and refurbish to decide from along with our expert advice during quotation


Advisory Services


We are always happy to offer an advisory service, and provide it free of charge inclusive with all our other work. Our maintenance and repair contracts are usually Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) & General roofing repair or coating – each are where a combination of planning ahead, budgeting and timing is a critical focus. 


Roof Maintenance isn't just applicable to new roofs, though, and we recommend that all roofs should be subject to maintenance, especially after repair work to stop leaks has been carried out.

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